Made in 48 hours as a solo submission for the 2020 GMTK GameJam. The theme of the Jam is "Out of Control".

A notorious hacker has infected your system with malware! Take control of your computer by zapping the annoying popups, but beware... the hacker has taken control of your mouse!


Zap malware popups as fast as you can!

The hacker has taken control of your mouse! At any time, they may:

  • Invert your mouse axis.
  • Move your mouse to another position.
  • Adjust the mouse sensitivity.
  • Move popups away from you.

Each open malware popup consumes one unit of memory. If you run out of memory, your system will crash and you lose the game. You've got to zap them fast to keep it under control!

Zapped malware goes into the quarantine. Remember to purge the quarantine regularly, as there is a limit to how much it can contain.

Have fun and Happy Zapping!


All art and code was made by me, Tom, during the Jam:

Sound effects were either created using BXFR or sourced from old projects:

Music was obtained from Incompetech:
"Killing Time" by Kevin MacLeod


Malware Detected - Windows 27 MB
Version 3 Jul 27, 2020
Malware Detected - Mac 27 MB
Version 3 Jul 27, 2020

Development log


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That was a very fun, if frustrating, play experience. The window that moved around was especially challenging (the malware detected one). I wasn't able to purge more than once, sadly. 

I think you could add a pop-up window with the typical I am a Nigerian prince and I want to give you money scam. That would be a good meme to include amongst the other windows you already have. 


Hi - thanks for playing, and for your kind comments! Great idea about the Nigerian prince scam, I'll include it in a post-jam version :)