Post Jam Mobile Version:

“Dice with Kali” is dead. Long live “Dice Versa”!

I’m happy to announce that the full version of “Dice with Kali”, is available now on iOS and Android under the new name “Dice Versa”:

Dice with Kali

Made in 48 hours as a solo submission for the 2022 GMTK GameJam. The theme of the Jam is "Roll of The Dice". 

Due to circumstances beyond the developer's control, you have found yourself in a battle for your soul against the Goddess of Death herself, Kali. Play her tricky dice matching game for the chance to cheat death... at least for a little while longer.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who played and voted; I'm honoured to be included in the top 20! An expanded and improved mobile version of the game is being developed - check the Dev Log for more info!

How To Play:

  • Use your mouse to put dice into the grid.
  • You can only put dice next to dice that have the same color or value.
  • Make a complete line or column to clear it. 
  • Clear as many dice as you can!
  • The game is over when you run out of valid moves.


All art and code was made by me, Tom, during the Jam:

Sound effects were mostly sourced from old projects, except the dice effects which were obtained from Kenney:

Music was obtained from Incompetech:
"Ritual" by Kevin MacLeod
"Vadodora Chill Mix" by Kevin MacLeod

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
AuthorRagtag Games
Made withUnity
TagsDice, Difficult, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Mouse only, Relaxing, Singleplayer, Unity, weird
Average sessionA few minutes


Dice with Kali - Mac 49 MB
Version 5 Jul 24, 2022
Dice with Kali - Windows 40 MB
Version 5 Jul 24, 2022

Also available on

Development log


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Got 426 points in hard mode, Its a really great and polished feeling game but hard mode is literallly so much easer than easy mode in my opinion. Because you got more space to avoid unmatching dices coming close together and you have more dices to predict more.

Definitely - I messed up the difficulty a bit in the jam version. Please see this thread for info on how the full version will address it!

Thanks for playing!

This game is fantastic - really looking forward to the full release

Here's the Highlight of the interview, thanks again for coming on to answer my questions;


Thanks again for having me on stream! :)


Saw this in one of the gmtk streams so decided to try it out, and even though I'm terrible at it, I can't stop playing.

I also think a multiplayer thing where you take turns placing dice to try and mess up your opponent could be cool.

Either way really fun game I love it. (I do miss my soul tho)

This is honestly my favorite game of the jam,  the mix of matching puzzler, sudoku, and random chance is really compelling.  So much so that I actually bought a bunch of multicolored dice to play offline with :D

I heard something about a mobile game, is there an estimate on when it'll be out/what platforms?

Thanks so much, that means a lot to me! :D

Yeah, a mobile version is under development, and will be on iOS and Android. It's a bit hard to say when it'll be out - I could get a straight port out relatively quickly, but I'm trying to address some of the game design feedback and issues as well. I'll post a dev log here when it's out, but the best place to check for progress updates is my twitter


really fun and challenging! a minor accessibility suggestion i have is to maybe make it so the user can pick up & move the dice by clicking on the dice and then clicking on the spot to drop it, instead of clicking & holding. but gameplay-wise, visually, and aesthetically, really love what you've made!


Great suggestion!

To be honest, the post-jam full version is going to be on mobile, so wasn't planning on updating the mouse handling... that said, I think accessibility concerns like this are worth including in an update to the desktop / web versions too! Will add it to the list :)


dont mean to be rude but many mobile games have both drag n drop AND the tap one place tap another place, so please reconsider both options on the mobile version

dont get me wrong i really enjoy this game and i think it would do amazing on mobile

start from conor

Something is off with the difficulty selection in that "hard" in the easiest mode to play for a long time in. By only using 3 columns when at all possible and always leaving as many different colors and numbers open in each end of each column when columns can't be completed before re-rolling, I've been able to play for long enough on hard that I'm starting to lose interest.

The times the game is interesting is when I can't follow a simple strategy so I actually have to think about the situation. But right now those situations are too rare. Also, since it doesn't feel like there's inevitability in the game ramping up in difficulty, the game just feels like it's getting same-y. The board state after placing 10 dice and after 300 dice is pretty much the same. To keep me interested there would need to be some sort of complication(s) added as the game goes on. 


100% agree!

The difficulty selection was a misstep. The full version of the game scrap the difficulty modes and replace them with a difficulty ramp that increases complexity (i.e. possible dices & number of dice per turn) over time.

Third attempt

Highest score so far.  Board was a disaster by the end!


Jesus Christ this game is good.

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I'm glad you are making a mobile game!

If you wanted to (and I'm aware it's much more work) I think you could make this a physical game as well! Just a cloth bag with different colored dice (and ? dice) you can draw, and a little grid tray to put them on.


I believe it already exists as a physical game, I can't remember the name of it though.

There should be a score multiplier if you clear multiple rows/columns at once.

In the full version there will be a reward for clearing both row/column at once :)

really addictive game, overall it feels really polished! here's my highscore before the "no more valid moves" bug occured :)

Awesome! I've got some practicing to do to beat that lol

It's best game, very nice